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Johnny White State Farm Agency

The Johnny White State Farm Agency team is having success with unlimited auto leads.

Customer Close Up: Johnny White Agency:
  • The download of a current list of auto leads from Cole X-Dates
  • The use of an auto dialer
  • A supervisor
  • A sales force committed to making phone calls to auto leads

How do you acquire four to five new auto customers and produce 15 additional quotes in one month? According to Johnny White you get the right lead list and hire personnel dedicated to the task of calling prospects. “We decided to ramp up our auto production, so I hired more staff who’s sole job is to call auto leads generated through Cole,“ says White, a State Farm insurance agent. White has been in the business for 38 years and while early on in his career he used Cole Information’s Directory to reach prospects, he only recently signed up again for Cole X-Dates. “Our current book was tired and we needed to reach new prospects so it was the right time to try Cole’s auto leads.”

White says the auto blitz gamble is paying off and is generating a lot of interest around his agency in League City, Texas. The town of 83,000 residents is located just south of Houston. To ensure success, White hired three sales staff who dedicates three to four hours a day calling the town’s 30,000 households and talking auto. The script is simple and is generally a variation of the following:

Hi (Prospect Name). My name is (Staff Name) with the Johnny White State Farm Agency in League City. I’m just calling with regards to your auto insurance. Please give me a call back at (Agency Number). Thanks! Have a great day.

White says an auto dialer helps staff generally make 100 to 200 calls a day. Many times that ends with a voicemail. But the effort is translating into callbacks and drumming up interest in talking about auto insurance in a short amount of time.

“Yes we’re seeing success, but it’s hard work,” says White. For other agencies who want to be successful with growing their auto book of business, White advises agents to make an investment in personnel and set them up for success with the right system and leads. “Cole X-Dates is great, especially for the price. At $1,000, you get unlimited searches and down loads. That’s opposed to spending $8 to $9 for an Internet lead with a 25 percent chance you can even get in touch with that prospect.”

White’s excited with the results and says his agency is just getting started. That includes finding niches of prospects to go after in the auto search like vehicle owners of certain make models or years for certain carrier or industry discounts. White says they’ll also look at incorporating additional Cole X-Dates search options including going after first-time homeowners whose insurance polices are coming up for renewal and the referral search. He says the goal is to triple or quadruple their book of business in the near future. “This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you want to be successful, start slow and pick up steam. Then keep moving forward.”


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