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Shane Clement began his career with Farmers in 2007 as a recruiter in Southern California.  After seeing great success in developing insurance agencies into profitable small businesses, he was called up to play with the big boys. He packed up his family, and headed to Houston, Texas for the District Marketing Specialist position at Jeff Hasting’s Agency – the third largest Property and Casualty insurer in the country.

Shane has developed over 100 systems over the years- different methods that he has used to help grow insurance agencies. When he finds something that works, he sticks with it. That’s why he has stuck with Cole Information.

Over the years, Shane and the Jeff Hasting’s Agency have come to appreciate the value of using both Cole Lists for commercial prospecting and Cole X-Dates for residential. Clement observes “There’s great value in having such targeted marketing efforts using Cole X-Dates. It’s much more effective than sending a blast, because you know over 90% of the time these people’s policies are coming right up for renewal.”

Clement and the Jeff Hasting’s Agency have come up with a detailed, methodical, and money making process that works like a well oiled machine:

They send 2,000 mail pieces every Tuesday night. Mailers are sent out specifically on Tuesday nights so that prospects will receive them specifically on Saturday mornings. Why? Mail pieces received Monday mornings will get trashed. After all, there is a whole week to worry about. But Saturdays, people usually have more time, and are more likely to read what you send them. Clement adds “Most people don’t realize that when you put your piece in the mail has such a big impact on return.”

After the mail pieces are received on Saturday, the agency follows up with the prospects with a phone call the following Monday, and up to two more phone calls before giving up on a prospect. “The sales process is 3-6 months. Minimal. You can’t shoot something out, and expect a miracle to come back to you that day. And you can’t just test the waters for a month. It takes consistency.”

Clement offers some more great advice for direct marketing, such as hand addressing the envelope, providing specific and useful information, and signing the piece by hand. “These things go a long way” he concludes.

Here at Cole Information, we’ve had the privilege of helping Clement and the Jeff Hasting’s Agency grow their business. We would love having the same privilege with you.

For more information on Clement, or the Jeff Hasting’s agency (or to order a copy of their popular book “So You Want to be an Insurance Agent- A Step-by-Step approach to a Successful Insurance Agency”) please visit
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