Four Steps to Real Estate Success

By Bryce / April 1, 2014

What’s the secret to real estate success? Ask Rob Chevez, an active real estate investor and agent with Keller Williams Realty in northern Virginia. In 2013 alone, Rob closed 110 deals. His strategy is simple and straightforward. Here’s how he does it.

  • Start off small. Rather than casting a wide net and seeing what you can real in, he suggests focusing in on a small area for success. Cole Realty Resource allows you to gather all of the information in a certain neighborhood or on certain streets and pinpoint exactly which homeowner you want to go after.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations. Go beyond just the homeowner’s name and address. Make use of household details like their age, lenght of residence and square footage to create conversation relevant to them and their community.
  • Build credibility. When talking to a prospect, Rob recommends to utilize the program’s built-in tools like Google Maps overlay so you can refer to familiar landmarks, bodies of water, recreational areas or public spaces in relation to where they live. This builds confidence in you as a real estate agent that you’ve done your homework and are invested int he community.
  • Market on the go. Rob says by using the Cole Home IQ app, agents can market moving from one appointment to the next. The app works off GPS to quickly and easily identify a particular property along with applicable household including a phone number to immediately make a house call or snap pictures, take notes and tag the property for later follow-up.
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