Customer Close-Up: Richard Romero

Richard Romero considers his prospecting methods old-school—no Internet leads, pay per click or Facebook ads—just a staff member picking up the telephone and dialing prospects to talk insurance. At the same time, the agency owner isn’t afraid to try new things. “I believe you can always learn something new. That’s the attitude I take to work with me every day.”

Each day for the last 30 years Romero has been in the insurance business, including entering into his fifth year as an Allstate agency owner in New Jersey. Soon after purchasing the agency, he knew he needed to learn something new to generate sales activity. That’s when he turned to Cole X-Dates. “There wasn’t any referral activity coming from the current book of business,
so I started using Cole X-Dates as a new lead generation source to help with prospecting efforts.”
The first Monday of each month, Romero logs into his subscription, clicks on the Auto Search and plugs eight zip codes around his agency into the program. He finds the most success with multi-vehicle households. “I find that multi-car households have better credit ratings and a better insurance history and therefore better leads.” He downloads a total of around 15,000 telephone numbers and then further divides the total into more manageable lists each totaling around 1,000 prospects. After scrubbing those lists against current Allstate customers and households on the Do Not Call registry, there are around 300 names to call. “It’s not easy to turn the raw data into a usable tool, but it works when you take the time.”

Romero says there is one main person whose job it is to call the list throughout the week. No dialer is involved. The script Romero’s agency uses is simple and straightforward as is the process.

“Hello? This is Richard Romero with Allstate. I’m calling to see if we can quote you on your auto and home policy today?”

“Our strategy is to quote the homeowner, write the policy and continue to follow up with them. There’s no real science behind it.” But Romero does spend a lot of time re-crafting the list after it’s initially been called through to get the most out of it. That extra time is paying off. “Now we’re starting to get the referral business on top of the Cole X-Dates process.”

Romero is closing more sales and generating more referral activity–both he attributes to the accurate information Cole X-Dates provides and the regular follow up from his staff. “Once we quote a homeowner, we continue to follow up with them until they become a customer or tell us they’re not interested. Nothing beats persistence. When combined with Cole X-Dates, the online product helps us plow the path and our referrals go through the openings.”

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