Small Business Marketing


5 Ways to Improve Your Welcome Email

Acquiring new customers is easy. Establishing lasting relationships can prove more of challenge. That's where the welcome email can help. Watch five tweaks to make and bu

Small Business: Go Local to Find New Customers

Stretch your marketing dollars further by going hyperlocal. New research suggests the majority of consumers prefer spending their hard earned dollars close to home.

Social Media Updates that Get Noticed

Discover how to create harmony between your various social media accounts in order to truly reap the benefits of social as a marketing channel.

Need Some Inspiration? 25 Motivational Quotes

Finding new customers can be a daunting task. Read on for words of wisdom from some extraordinary individuals of today and from the past.

Summer Slowdown? Get a Jump Start on Fall

The summer heat up generally means a slow down at the office. Maximize your downtime at work by organizing, de-cluttering and gearing up for fall.

Enjoy a Guilt-Free Vacation

If taking a vacation from your small business seems more like work than it's worth, relax! Read these strategies to avoid coming back to an inbox full of emails.

A Simple Word That Speaks Volumes

When was the last time your business apologized for mistakes made? As J.C. Penney found out, uttering I'm sorry may salvage more than just customers.

Take Time Back: 7 Ways

Squeeze more productivity out of your workday by knowing the 7 secrets in becoming more efficient, more effective and ultimately take your time back.