About Cole

In 1947, Jack Cole began publishing the Cole Directory. This revolutionary product made it possible to locate and market to individuals. Door-to-door salesmen, debt collectors, and delivery services began to depend on this directory to do business and find new customers.

Over the decades Cole Information has grown to offer useful products via CDs, print and websites. Today these products are invaluable tools for individuals in real estate, insurance, credit collections, small business, law enforcement and home service industries.

Our vision

We are building an innovative business that provides high quality products that deliver value to our customers


To help small business find new customers


By providing:

. Solutions that save time and money
. Accurate and relevant information
. Education and support on how to use our information to become more successful
. User friendly access 24/7
. Affordable terms and pricing

Our values

Customer Focus

. Pay full attention to every customer
. Listen to understand
. Delight customers with solutions to their problems


. Respect, trust and help everyone
. Be self-confident. Involve others to reach the best outcome
. Bring positive energy and energize others to get the job done

Personal Responsibility

. Adhere to the highest standards of business ethics. Anything less is unacceptable
. Take initiative to develop yourself


. Offer your own ideas and be open to ideas from others
. See change as opportunity, not a threat
. Never be satisfied. There are always ways to improve what you do


. Cole Information is backed by MCM Capital.

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